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Probability to Win while Playing Roulette



The popularity of roulette speaks for the excitement that it carries. A wheel covered with numbers and a ball spinning around it, which can land on any area. Thus, probability concept has a lot to do with this game. However, it is not always, that with the help of probability, you can predict the number. However, it is advantageous knowing them for having a successful stint in the game.

The roulette works with the black and red bets in the same manner as the expected return, when you are betting for any number. This means that the probability is almost the same. We can explain this concept with an example:


Here are total 18 red and 18 black spots and in total 37 spots for European roulette and 38 spots for American Roulette. Now, the chance of hitting black is 18/38 or 47.368. Then double the money and your probable return will be 2* 0.47368 or 0.94736. So, if you bet for 1 dollar, you will get 0.94736 and loose only 5 cents.


Similarly, the chance of striking any number is 1/38 or 2.6316 percent. Then, multiply the money with 36 and your probable return will be 36* 0.026316 or 0.94736. Thus, you can itself see that the returns in both the cases are the same.


The problem of losing money with every spin on an average is that your probable return becomes lower, if you play more. If you are playing numerous small hands, you are increasing the possibility where you can loose more money.


It has been seen that, there is a probability of getting 50 percent heads and 50 percent tails, if you are flipping a coin numerous times. So if you are playing more, the casinos will be at an advantage where they will get almost 5 percent from your bets.


Top Roulette Online Casinos
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Spin Palace Casino

Spin Palace

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In roulette, it is very difficult to get away with the house edge. So, it is always necessary to ensure that you are not trapped in the casinos net of money-sucking machine. It does not matter at all how much you have made and how much you will make, just pump your entire money on one bet in order to reach your target. So, in spite of slowly loosing your money take this risk, which has highest probability of success. Suppose you have 5 dollar and you want to make it 10, just risk the entire money on any one color.


One more important thing that you should wait for is the sequences. Suppose red, even and numbers from 19 to 36 have occurred seven or more times, then you should start placing your bets on opposite results because the probability of getting it is higher. This will not lead you to win every time you play but definitely will lower the lost percentage.


The probability concept though will not enable you to win every game that you play but it will at least increase your chances to win. If you are approaching the concept of probability in a correct manner, you will loose less and win more.


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