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Poker Hand Rankings




The game of video poker has evolved as one of the most preferred games. There are other games also which are somehow based on poker. To name a few games- Caribbean Stud, Pai Gow, and Caribbean Draw etc. The games are not that difficult to play but you need to know the different rankings of the poker hands. If you have the information then it is much easier to comprehend the winning hands and the pay tables.


There are a total of 52 cards in a pack and as for the rankings from the maximum to the lowest are- King, Queen, Jack, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2. There are a total of five cards in the poker hand. The hand of the higher type beats the lower hand type. The ranks of the cards of the same types get to decide which one is better. In the situation where during the game one of the players bears an excess of the five cards and chooses five to build up a poker hand then the cards those are left off does not have any role in the rankings. The main basis of the poker hands are a total of five cards.

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  Poker Hand rankings

Royal Flush- It is the best hand where the playing cards are of the same suit. It includes Ten, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace. Split pot in a case where two or more players are having the hand. All royal flushes are equal.

Straight Flush- A straight flush is a poker hand where any five cards are in a sequence of the same type. In between the two straight flushes the top card is the higher. It is placed over the three of a kind and under the flush. Two straights are arranged by matching the biggest card of each. Two straights having identical high card bear the same value and the suits does not come into play while dividing them.

Four of a kind- Four of kind poker hand is also called quads. Here every card is of the identical ranks. It is the third strongest hand in the game of poker. Let us say that if two players are playing with four of a kind then the player with the maximum set of four cards is declared the winner.

Full House- This poker hand consist three cards of one type and two cards of another type. It is placed under four of a kind and over the flush. If two of the hands bear the identical set of three and the hand with the maximum pair is declared the winner.

Flush- A Flush is a poker hand where five cards are of the same type irrespective of the ranks. Two flushes when compared like they are the high card hands and the highest ranking card from each will be the winner. For example-

Straight- A straight poker hand is where the five cards are in a sequence but of the different type. It is positioned above three of a kind and under the flush. Two straights are given rankings by evaluating the maximum card.

Three of a kind- Three of a kind is also known as trips or triplets and here three cards of the same rank. When you compare two three of a kind the hand in which there are three same cards are of the high rank and this one should be preferred.

Two Pairs- A pair has two cards that have equal rank. In the hand of the two pairs these two pairs are of two ranks and it also consists of an odd card which makes the hand up to five cards. When it is compared with the two pairs the pair with the highest hands is declared the winner.

Pair- A hand with two cards of the same rank and when compared two hands the hand which has the higher pair should be preferred. The higher ranking pair gets to defeat the lower ranking pair and if the two hands bear the identical pair then the cards those are not paired are evaluated in a decreasing order to decide who will be the winner.

High Card- A high card is also known as no pair hand where the two cards bear the same rank, the total five cards are not in a series, and these five cards are also not of the same type. High card are illustrated by one or two big cards in the hand.


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